Clash of the TitansThe study Clash of the Titans 2017 has confirmed the qualities of Microsoft Dynamics
7. 04. 2017
Panorama Consulting Solutions is an independent consulting company publishing a comparative study of the ERP systems of the most outstanding market actors. The study bears a symptomatic name of the Clash of the Titans and compares the solutions by SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and Infor. The results of the last survey show us, e.g., that the share of Microsoft Dynamics has grown significantly year-on-year, from 9 to 16 per cent. It currently has the second largest market share despite being only on the fourth place in the last year. Since the last year, it has gone through similar changes also from the point of view of its classification on the shortlist of potential suppliers. There its market share has grown from a little less than one fifth to 31 per cent. We can only observe that the system really deserves to enjoy the increasing confidence of the clients who use it.

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CacioBlue Dynamics among the finalists of the IT Project of the Year competition
6. 04. 2017
The winning projects of the 14th year of the competition IT Project of the year were announced towards the end of March by the Czech association of IT department managers CACIO. We also participated in the awards ceremony, being among the eight best of the projects.

Cacio We were awarded for our implementation of the ERP system Dynamics 365 and 365 POS for Hamleys. We had optimized the computer infrastructure and system for 10 000 items and 16 cash desks they have in this toyshop in a record time of four months. We highly value the fact that the project has won its way in the stiff competition as a recognition of the quality of our work.

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Hamleys Introducing Dynamics AXPresentation: Using Microsoft Dynamics on Hamleys
16. 03. 2017
The first afternoon of March we held a family presentation technology Microsoft Dynamics gaze actual users, our client Hamleys. Why family? In parallel with the presentation took place of entertainment for children and their escorts in the gaming zone designated toy store.

Business Process Hamleys We built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365. The computer infrastructure is the system databases to the Treasury is optimized when you purchase any of the more than 10,000 toys were on offer at any of the sixteen cash immediately ticketed. We implement yet mastered in record case four months.

Microsoft 2017 Blue DynamicChoosing your cloud provider – what to consider
11. 02. 2017
These days more and more companies move their data to cloud. Some companies use just one cloud provider while others use two or even more providers. It does not necessarily matter how many of them a company has as long as they are chosen carefully.

Companies usually leave their cloud providers because of either a lack of satisfaction regarding the cloud services provided or unfulfilled expectations. In any case, before choosing the right cloud provider, it is best to consider the following:

  1. Who holds the financial responsibility in case of trouble? Is the cloud provider too small to be able to pay penalties or too large so you won´t be able to put any real pressure on them?
  2. How financially strong is your cloud provider? Remember, you´re planning to work with them for years.
  3. Be sure to understand what the promising SLA really means. It might not guarantee the up-time promised.
  4. Remember that you may leave the cloud provider sometime in the future. Make a deal on who owns your data and in what format you should get it back.

Microsoft 2017 Blue DynamicNew enhancements and features for Dynamics CRM
08. 01. 2016
Here are some news regarding the former Dynamics CRM from the ExtremeCRM 2016.
Microsoft announced that it will introduce many new enhancements and new features to the Dynamics 365 Enterprise customer engagement apps.

Here are some of the most interesting highlights:

  • Improved enterprise search
  • Microsoft assured partners about the continuous partner incentive program
  • Coming of the “unified client” to Dynamics 365
  • There will be a preview of the event management functionality soon
  • Introduction of new tools: E-mail Engagement and Relationship Insights
  • We can expect a larger reach of IoT capabilities into various CRM entities

Microsoft 2017 Blue DynamicMicrosoft Fiscal Year 2017 Q1 earnings
21. 11. 2016
Microsoft Corp has made public its earnings for the Q1 ended 30.9. 2016.

Here are some key highlights:

Revenue $20.5 billion $22.3 billion
Operating income $5.2 billion $7.1 billion
Net income $4.7 billion $6.0 billion

The GAAP earnings are smaller compared to last year of 2015 (same revenue, lower operating and net income). However, when looking at the numbers from non-GAAP point of view, all figures are up 4 – 10% from the last year.

Dynamics365New functions in MS Dynamics 365 for Operations (AX7)
24. 10. 2016

Microsoft Dynamics AX, including its retail components, will cease to exist as a separate product from Microsoft as of November 1. On that day it will become a part of Dynamics 365. The new industry specific capabilities of Dynamics 365 will be released in waves starting with retail in November, than logistics and warehouse in Spring the next year.

These new industry specific capabilities can function completely in cloud or, in some specific cases, as a hybrid solution.

For retailers flexibility is the key word when it comes to their business, specifically in deployment options. They want to be able to choose to run on Azure or their own in-store systems

ResearchGER: A straight way to reduce costs of Dynamics AX7 customizations
27. 09. 2016

According to Microsoft, the most commonly customized parts of Dynamics AX are data exports into electronic formats such as electronic payments, tax exports, Intrastat and more. AX partners are often asked, for example, to modify the format of the SEPA Credit Transfer so that exports meet the requests of local banks.

With the new version of Dynamics AX there was introduced a new configurable tool named GER (Generic Electronic Reporting) for enabling the possibility to define or modify export formats without programming. The target group are customer‘s key users or AX partner’s consultants. Definition of export formats is done via visual editor using Excel-like formulas. Result is acceleration in exports definition and thus lowering the cost. Furthermore, you don’t need to wait for the deployment of a new AX version to the production environment – the exports defined using GER can be used immediately.

ERP in cloudIs ERP software “in” in cloud?
26. 9. 2016

ERP software is becoming more and more popular in the cloud, but still it is „low number“ how prove the survey by Panorama Consulting Solutions shows that this is still a relatively low percentage of installations. SAP, Oracle, Infor and Microsoft Dynamics implement their software in the cloud. The low percentage of implementation can be based on concerns about data security in the cloud.

ResearchMicrosoft Dynamics 365 – available from 1st of November
30. 08. 2016

Starting November 1st, Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be available as the Enterprise ERP cloud option from Microsoft. Customer running on previous versions will have the option to acquire the solution through the selected licensing alternatives.

Customers will have Dynamics 365 available as a cloud service. For customers requiring their ERP solution in their own data canters we will offer hybrid deployment options. Hybrid cloud will give our customers the ability to run business processes and store data across the cloud and their own data centersFor more information, please see. Microsoft News

Microsoft-365Microsoft Dynamics 365 – service that cobmines cloud CRM and ERP

23. 07. 2016

Microsoft announced that it will combine its cloud CRM and cloud ERP into one service called Microsoft Dynamics 365.

We imagine a better world for business users everywhere. One where you can track leads, automate field service, drive sales, and improve operations using modern, mobile, enterprise-ready intelligent business apps from the cloud that are as easy to use as the consumer apps that help us all get rides, book rooms, listen to music, and take actions to improve our health,” Takeshi Numoto,
Microsoft Cloud + Enterprise VP, wrote in a blog announcing the news Wednesday.

Costs of ERP implementation_smallHow much costs ERP implementation

22. 07. 2016
Look at the graph view and compare how they stand four major players in the field of large ERP solutions.

You can read more in the regular comparison of the ERP published by Panorama Consulting Solutions.

ResearchERP satisfaction survey in the Czech Republic
21. 07. 2016

How companies are satisfied with their ERP systems? We conducted a satisfaction survey in the Czech retail and wholesale market. Each company had more than 100 employees. Majority of respondents are more or less satisfied with existing solutions.

Companies that participated in the survey, are the most frequent representation of ERP systems from Microsoft and SAP. We found that more than half of those surveyed annually is sufficient to ensure the operation of ERP invest 500.000 CZK and the most common rate for work outside specialists are around CZK / hour 2,500 rather CZK / hour 1,250.

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