Saint-Gobain: Dynamics CRM development

  • Project Description

    Transfer from old ’on premise’ version of CRM 4.0 to new CRM 2016 version in Cloud.

    About the Client

    SAINT-GOBAIN PAM CZ s.r.o. is a dealership of world’s leading manufacturer of pipeline systems made from ductile iron, SAINT-GOBAIN PAM company. SAINT-GOBAIN PAM company, producing cast iron products for more than hundred years was the first enterprise in the world to implement the process of ductile iron production in industrial scale. SAINT-GOBAIN PAM CZ s.r.o company is part of SAINT-GOBAIN PIPE DIVISION company, that operates in more than 20 countries of 5 continents through its production facilities and dealerships.

    Original state

    Customer was using MS CRM 4.0 in On Premise version for complex customer relations management.

    CRM was used mainly in these sectors:
    By sales representatives for their sales activities
    By complaint department for managing and monitoring of reclamation process and for monitoring associated costs.
    For planning and administrating projects regarding production and warehouse planning.
    Simultaneously MS CRM was integrated into related systems through an inconvenient direct access to MC CRM database.

    Integration ERP with environment

    Main ERP system through BizTalk integration platform is interconnected with other systems external suppliers, logistics, warehouses, stores and e-shop system.This connection allows quick and secure data transfers between customer applications and enables customers efficiently manage data traffic, which is clearly centralized BizTalk platform.

    Implemented solution

    Given identified facts and the extent of the solution along with the need for sales representatives to access the CRM we decided to recommend MC CRM 2016 in online version.

    Advantages of Cloud:
    License flexibility,
    No costs for operating company’s custom hardware
    No issues with updates
    Integration with Office 365

    Supplied solutions contain these items:
    Migration of data and functions to new version of MS CRM 2016 online
    Remaking of integration with other systems while using modern technologies
    User training linked with workshop, where users were introduced to new features with the possibility to try them out
    Post-migration support connected with Outlook clients and mobile apps settings

    While performing the migration, the implementation team was in close contact to the customer and selected users.

    Technology information

    CRM 2016 Online in Cloud
    Integration to MS AX through web services
    Everything runs in cloud on Microsoft HW


    MS Dynamics CRM 2016 Online

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