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With the AX Factory solution we will ensure completing the project for a guaranteed price and in a given term.

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AX Factory

We know the reality of Dynamics AX projects and know that very often it is required to add external development capacities to the internal team and therefore offer „AX Factory“ service.

Our AX Factory can help fill blank spaces in your development team. We are able to design, develop and test a solution in Dynamics AX for you! Why do we call it AX Factory? You give us your request, we do your work and deliver completed product. Just like any other process in each factory in the world.

AX experts team

Dozens of Microsoft Dynamics AX experts work for us. We keep expanding and training our team. Complex system of internal education ensures that clients are given qualified human resources. All experts are guaranteed to have not only professional qualification, but also excellent language capabilities, high work commitment and loyalty to the client.



Custom development of Dynamics AX

Nabízíme zakázkový vývoj komponent pro systémy Microsoft Dynamic AX systems. When developing components for your company, our developers take advantage of sophisticated knowledgebase, where they share quick and functional solutions through the whole company.

Quick solution

Using Dynamics AX Factory will not only help you overcome the issue of limited workforce and its costs, but may also add to your skills and services! With us, you will be able to offer your clients something extra and new!


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