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Developed solution for retail, wholesale and logistics companies based on Microsoft Dynamics AX and our experience.

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Stay in game.

Nowadays the customer is a subject to the biggest change. Customer, who is very well informed, demanding, expecting quality service and very unloyal.

Having the ability to attract and retain this kind of customer means ensuring wide range of products, quality and flexible service, fast settlement of his requirements and personal approach.

This brings the necessity to work with big stocks volume, perfectly manage and motivate your employees and control your expenditures.

Is your company able to offer everything that modern age, demanding customer expects? Do you have full support of your ERP for this goal?


Microsoft Dynamics AX as a good basis

We deliver our customers advanced field-adapted solutions based on quality basis – Microsoft Dynamics AX. We have extended this basis with our own functions, additional features and experience gained from many years of work in the field and number of executed projects.

What is Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an adjustable solution for business administration, that will enable you and your employees confidently make business decisions. Microsoft Dynamics AX offers complex tools for finance management, customer relations, business services, human resources and supplier chain processes. These functions help connect people, processes and technologies situated all over the world. This way Microsoft Dynamics AX helps increase productivity and efficiency of your activities and improve the success rate of your work



All in one

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a robust ERP solution, which combines functions covering all company’s agendas. Our solution gives you:

  • Integrated POS providing you all required functions and data in online or offline mode.
  • Possibility to easily manage your warehouse and continuously monitor its key performace parameters.
  • Ability to manage and easily react on price changes and competitors’ behavior.
  • Tool for building customer relationships and possibility of executing loyalty programs.
  • Integration of individual companies or foreign branches into a single system and overall review of all your KPI.
  • Overall review of all your companies’ performance and ability to monitor all key indicators with integrated BI or reporting.

Implementation is just the beginning.

We know that implementing a new system or upgrade is just the first step of the journey, where IT is a useful tool supporting your business. Successfully launching the system is as important for us as ensuring its everyday flawless operation and development of the software according to latest market trends and customers’ requirements.


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