Get to know your customers


and tailor your business to their stories.

Introducding eMotion counter, a revolutionary way to use artificial intelligence for better retail.
Gain detailed data on the composition of customers visiting your business and their movements, habits, and emotions.

What does connecting a camera and eMotion counter enable?

  • Counting customers in your store
  • Monitoring motion with the help of a heat map
  • Determining customers‘ age, gender, and size
  • Analyzing customers‘ emotions and moods
  • Evaluating interest in product presentation
  • Gaining data for customized advertising
  • Warning of atypical customer behavior

eMotion counter is a solution built on the cloud platform and Microsoft’s machine learning, which allows you to obtain detailed information about customers visiting retail outlets.

This sophisticated system continually corrects and improves its outputs so that it can best predict the composition and behavior of customers and provide its operators with data for improving business conversions.


Analysis in real time

Get to know your customers better and offer them what they truly want. Maintain awareness of what they require, customize your support, and improve your sales.

  • Track trends in customer behavior
  • Personalize your message in advertising
  • Provide individual service

Better sales and more conversions

Understand your operation better. Evaluate data to improve product presentation, the look and feel of your business, and employee behavior.

  • Verify what leads to sales in the store
  • Analyze customer reactions to presentation
  • Utilize an individual approach based on customer data



Be prepared

Be prepared for critical moments and fluctuations, optimize business processes. Track the time customers spend contemplating a given product and compare this with actual sales.

  • Predict seasonal fluctuations
  • Collect information for logistics and storage
  • Get ready for more satisfied customers

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