BCC: Development Dynamics CRM

  • Project Description

    Ensure flawless operation and development of the system according to business needs.

    About the Client

    BBC elektrospeciaalzaken B.V. operates on the Dutch consumer electronics market, offering their services to customers in 80 stores and in an e-shop. Together with the Belgian sister company reached BCC in 2013 turnover of 688.6 million Euro.

    Basic information
    • Maximum utilization of CRM for both business and internal operations of the company
    • All information about customers, including a comprehensive history of all activities and communications
    • Orders for subsequent data analysis for marketing and call center
    • Logistical information about sending goods, his complaints and tracking goods movement

     “In 2013 our cooperation with Blue Dynamic started with a rather small scope of technical IT infrastructure management. Nowadays Blue Dynamic is our strategic outsourcing partner, supporting our entire infrastructure and applications in a 24×7 regime. Their overall commitment in delivering services and projects is really supporting the innovation of BCC. Blue is our respected advisor related to IT strategy.

    — Jan Bloemendaal, Chief Information Officer, BCC elektrospeciaalzaken B.V.

    Key parameters
    • More than 1.200 system users
    • More than 5,000,000 registered customers
    • More than 5 million e-mails sent out per month
    • More than 15,000 monthly service cases
    • Above-average use of CRM functionalities
    • High level of integration, which is not so common
    • Large volume of data and complexity (Only few companies collects in CRM such quantity and especially the depth of data)
    • Advanced architecture of the infrastructure with 7 servers
    • Targeted marketing, which is used successfully in marketing department
    • Collection of data about activities and interests ours clients as part of marketing
    • Use upgrades ClickDimensions
    • Customer service, including invoices for repairs and cost evaluation services
    • Scheduling repairs and monitor status of repairs/complaints in real time
    • Incidents and their solutions for customers and employees
    Technological information
    • 7 production CRM application servers involved in high-availability, which means that is one of the largest CRM solutions in Europe 5 test CRM application servers
    • Total size of 700 gigabytes CRM database in high availability
    • Advanced system architecture and the distribution of servers, depending on the location of the target users across multiple datacenters
    • CRM is used both in headquarters and directly to stores (80) around Holland
    • The high level of integration with other systems, dozens of active interfaces to CRM


    • System is integrated with
      • Carriers determine traffic conditions, state of the delivered goods
      • Internet (web shop, Azure, repair status on the web)
      • Intranet (SharePoint)
      • Ordering systems, marketing systems (ClickDimensions), ERP systems (SAP, AX)
      • External service partners
      • Using utilization of advanced integration platform BizTalk
      • BI integration to analyze sales data

    MS Dynamics CRM, MS BizTalk, MS SQL, MS Windows Server, MS Hyper-V