BCC: Integration BizTalk

  • Project Description

    Within heterogeneous customer environments to ensure reliable solution possessing sufficient permeability.

    About the Client

    The company BCC electrospeciaalzaken B.V. operates in the Dutch consumer electronics market and offers its services to customers in its 80 stores and e-shop. Together with the Belgian sister company reached BCC in 2013 turnover of 688.6 million Euro.

    Key parameters

    More than 25 integrated aplications.
    More than 30.000 data transmissions per hour.
    Integrating both internal systems and external systems BCC partners and suppliers.
    Sophisticated active monitoring, which detects failures before they occur bigger impact on the business.

    Improved management of data transmissions, which allows in case of failure to perform
    a data analysis, its treatment and reinitialization process.

    In 2013 our cooperation with Blue Dynamic started with a rather small scope of technical IT infrastructure management. Nowadays Blue Dynamic is our strategic outsourcing partner, supporting our entire infrastructure and applications in a 24×7 regime. Their overall commitment in delivering services and projects is really supporting the innovation of BCC. Blue is our respected advisor related to IT strategy.

    Jan Bloemendaal, Chief Information Officer, BCC elektrospeciaalzaken B.V.

    Basic information

    On BizTalk platform is implemented following three applications:

    Integration ERP with environment

    Main ERP system through BizTalk integration platform is interconnected with other systems external suppliers, logistics, warehouses, stores and e-shop system.This connection allows quick and secure data transfers between customer applications and enables customers efficiently manage data traffic, which is clearly centralized BizTalk platform.

    CRM integration with the ordering system and logistics

    Aim of this integration platform is to enable maximum utilization of the potential Microsoft CRM for call center, marketing, customer communications management and company planning development. Microsoft CRM is connected with ordering product and logistics system. Thanks this system call center have up to-date data about orders, products and terms of goods delivery. System can provide complete and current information for callers. Finally, data obtained by this integration of applications are used for targeted marketing and for long-term planning business company strategy.

    CRM integration with external partners

    This integration applications, solve customer service and complete exchange information, between service partners and logistics companies, ensuring ferries claimed goods and Microsoft CRM, which is used as the main platform for resolving service cases. Thanks this solution, customer always knows where his goods is claimed and what is the approximate date of the complaint handling.
    At the same department, dealing with complaints, has a powerful instrument containing detailed information from service on estimated costs, deadlines, solutions and etc. Based on this information, complaints department can flexibly decide how to proceed with a particular case. Of course historical data obtained by this integration, stored in Microsoft CRM, allows scheduling optimization and parameter settings complaints across the company.

    Technological information

    Comprehensive server architecture DTAP currently contains 7 BizTalk application servers.
    In these days, we move to Enterprise edition of BizTalk architecture with high availability for production and acceptance environments (AP).

    A wide range of integration technologies used by web services, FTP, SQL, SSIS data pump.


    MS BizTalk 2013 R2, MS SQL Server 2012, MS Windows Server, MS Dynamics AX 2012