Hamleys: Complete ERP Solution

  • Project Description

    Ensure flawless coverage of the retail process with a complete ERP solution that will gradually expand in tandem with planned growth.


    Hamley’s is among the oldest and best-known toy stores in the world. In May 2016, the biggest store in the region opened in Prague. It is run by Inexad, which owns franchise licenses for famous English brands in Central European countries.

    Project and use:

    We began this six-month project with a quick analysis of the client’s needs, and throughout a series of consultations we helped to define and set up all business processes at the same time. We subsequently managed the development of the solution and its testing and implementation, including license delivery, data migration, and staff training.

    Dynamics AX 2012 R3 offers long-term coverage of all processes from listings to CRM, and it ensures uninterrupted operations even during peak transaction times. At the same time, it offers unified accounting, purchasing, and reporting for a client operating with four brands in five countries.

    This project is a finalist in the IT Project of the Year competition, a further indication of its successful realization.

    “We needed to open a flagship location in a very short amount of time, and delaying the date of the store opening was not an option. We value that the vendor was able to implement the project in just fourth months’ time, even with frequently changing requests. They supplied us with the maximum support we needed during a hectic last week and the store opening. The Blue Dynamic team’s friendly approach, not always a given with software vendors, positively impacted our collaboration.

    Dynamics AX pleasantly surprised us with its speed, stability, and the scope of its whole ERP system, as well as its GUI consistency. We also see a great advantage in its modularity and the ability to deploy a gradually scalable foundation, and in the possibility of simple modifications to the POS.”

    — Pavel Cmelik, Managing Director, Inexad

    Key parameters:
    • 80+ vendors
    • 200 000+ goods total
    • 250 000 customers monthly

    MS Dynamics AX, AX POS, MS SQL, MS Windows Server