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For ensuring your customer’s satisfaction it is crucial to ensure quick and correct communication. The customer needs the information as soon as possible to be able to improve his business.

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Skype for business center

Unite your contact center and base it on Skype for Business. Thanks to the new contact center you will acquire the skill of delivering required content to the correct person in the right time, to any place, any device and in professional form – all this falls under work management.

Anywhere365 is an integrated solution for work management that can fluently manage all your conversations from e-mail, chat, webchat, cellphone, webforum and other sources.

Microsoft Skype for Business enables new forms of cooperation. Anywhere365 is a native expansion of Skype for Business Unified Contact Center, that significantly extends standard features available for your organization.

Optimal work management

Given that Anywhere365 was developed within Microsoft Skype for Business platform, the solution is aware of the presence of your users, device functions, place, qualifications and other relevant information which are necessary to fulfill your obligations towards the customer and your business concerning services and their quality.

Besides work management within Dialogue Management we also supply information concerning conversations (or work items) based on your company records, Dynamics CRM or databases within your business. Anywhere365 is operated locally in your company, so all information stay right there where you want them to be.



Increase your company’s productivity

By using Anywhere365 instead of traditional work flow management system you will avoid the outdated process of allocating items and tasks to work bins or sent e-mails. Anywhere365 offers work management in real time, while at any time it is possible to obtain the overview of performed tasks and performance overview. Anywhere365 knows in real time whether a certain person is available, what are their qualifications, whether additional time is required for fulfilling the task and so on. Because the whole process is part of Dialogue Intelligence, every step in the process is visible and older hidden process formulas can be extracted.

Every contact center offers specific possibilities. Anywhere365 is a premium solution for making communication and conversations simpler while ensuring more productive and effective information sharing.

Anywhere brings new functionalities

With Anywhere, you will get easy response center for your customers. It contains simple, well-arranged interface displaying the call, caller’s stats, the status of customer’s requirements including previous communication, all in real time. It contains easy feature for transferring contacts from other apps. Thanks to an extended window the system communicates between back office and one or more UCC (United contact center) The Center improves services between the caller and the Agent. With the GridChat function, compatible with all mobile platforms, it is possible to communicate with the customer in anonymous window at any time.


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