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Complex solution offering companies the possibility to manage and build a longlasting relationships with their customers.

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Know your customer.

Your customers are always informed. They are often on their purchase decision before it can ever reach. Your sales team must seek new ways for customers to build deeper relationships with them and provide them with personalized service every time you are with your business contacts.

Through Microsoft Dynamics CRM we will help revise the concept of selling on the basis of this new approach to customers.

Your dealer will be able to focus on the right opportunities more quickly obtain orders and increase sales.


Is your company able to offer everything that demanding customer of nowadays expects? Do you have a full support of your CRM?


What offers a CRM solution?

It does not matter whether you run a retail store or a shop or have customers in the corporate area. Also, it does not matter if you sell goods or services or both. Through the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we can help in any of these cases.

CRM give you the ability to distinguish between your customers and offer them relevant products and services.


What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM presents solutions for customer relationship management. This solution is suitable for all companies, for which it is important to maintain an active relationship with customers.

The solution supports your efforts to maintain the quality of contact with customers, their needs, mapping and data collection in order to use in an effective and targeted marketing and planning your business.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a modern and open system with great editing options based on your needs. Of course enables integration to other systems using modern technologies, including the integration and collection of data from social networks.




Sales Support

The CRM sales support:

  • Mobile sale.
  • Managing a business relationship.
  • Information from social networks.
  • Sales on cooperation.
  • Sales Analysis.


Complete Customer Care

Among the functions that support customer care include:

  • Providing services through all channels.
  • A single technical support.
  • Knowledge Base.
  • Manage business cases.
  • Services customers through social networks.



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