Infrastracture administration and operation


We will ensure flawless and constant operation of your infrastructure in a way so that your business and your users’ productivity don’t experience any delays and issues.

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Monitoring is not enough.

Nowadays the development speed of information technologies exceeds any expectations. It is becoming more and more time and cost demanding to follow this trend.

In an age where everything is fast, no mistakes are allowed. It is not enough just to react on the consequences and resulting incidents. It is important to proactively prevent the problems. Constantly improve the infrastructure. Because even a single mistake has an incredible impact on business operation.

Do you have time to keep your infrastructure updated? Would you like to feel the power of experience?


You can sleep peacefully.

Thanks to our Blue Support our employees take care of your problems any time. We monitor everything important and ensure that everything runs as it should.

You are being treated by a team of experts.

A team of people, who are all experts in their field will be working for you and use their knowledge and experience to develop your infrastructure.

ERP Systems

ERP Systems

We take responsibility for what we do.

Service level agreement(SLA) is an inseparable part our provided services.

We follow fixed reaction times – you always know when your problem becomes ours.

With our Blue Support you can count on 1 hour reaction time for high priority requests.

Our solution lies in preventing problems.

We will recommend you appropriate infrastructure changes in order to ensure your stable operation and eliminate potential incidents.

We evaluate incidents and do everything to prevent them appearing in the future.

ERP Systems

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